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Recruitment services for business service centers

Since the appearance of the first business service centers in the country, we have continuously supported companies in finding the right staff, whether it be building a completely new team, replacing people for existing positions or expansion. Thanks to our experience, we understand the challenges of call center recruitment, and have shaped our services to find the ideal candidates for these tasks – usually requiring special language knowledge and skills.

We have demonstrated on countless occasions that while using our call-center staffing service, and thanks to our reliable, fast, flexible and tailor-made work processes, our clients found the right candidates in the shortest time possible and received the highest level of service during the ensuing period of our cooperation.

Who do we look for on behalf of our clients? – Candidates for any position in business service centers

What sources do we use in the search?

  • The best internal and external databases and the most visited job portals, enabling us to search from several hundred thousand résumés
  • Our extremely effective and updated network, operating for over 25 years, that covers several sectors
  • Professional use of social media and blogs, special LinkedIn packages

What kinds of tools do we use?

  • We personally meet with our clients to define their precise needs and to secure the adequate level of consultation
  • Our long-standing, refined, sophisticated, tailor-made and unique CRM system – that has been proven to ensure you find the ideal candidate faster than your competitors
  • Application of the right interview techniques during which our experienced consultants survey the candidates in terms of personality and expertise and select those who are the most suitable for the position