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Selection for special positions and staff recruiting

Our recruitment service supports you in framing your existing business needs and determining the right position to search forwithin the scope of your organization, ensuring we reach the most relevant candidates who are targeted as precisely as possible for you. We offer reliable, fast and flexible services tailored to your company by using the most fitting international and domestic recruitment methods.

Who do we look for on behalf of our clients? – candidates starting from the assistant level through to specialist and middle – management levels.

What sources do we use in the search?

  • Our extremely effective and updated network, operating for over 25 years, that covers several sectors
  • Headhunting based on creativity, professional know-how and overall market knowledge
  • The best internal and external databases, the most visited job portals
  • Professional use of social media and blogs, special LinkedIn packages

What kinds of tools do we use?

  • We personally meet with our clients to define their precise needs and to secure the adequate level of consultation
  • Our long-standing, refined, sophisticated, tailor-made and unique CRM system – that has been proven to ensure you find the ideal candidate faster than your competitors
  • Application of the right interview techniques so our experienced consultants can survey the candidates in terms of personality and expertise and select those who are the most suitable for the position