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People and Passion – Focus Consulting’s Team and Mode of Operation

“There is an art to all professions if approached with purpose and passion.” (Zach LeBeau)

For 25 years we have been offering our HR consulting, recruitment and temporary staffing services with this spirit in mind. We offer our clients full-scale HR services undertaken with our proven skills, flexibility, speed, discretion and enthusiasm, as well as our comprehensive knowledge of the Hungarian and regional labour markets.

Our goal is for our clients to find their ideal candidate as soon as possible thanks to the work of our stable and experienced team of market researchers and consultants. To this end, we endeavour to continuously develop ourselves, our tailored and flexible recruitment solutions as well as our technical systems that support the selection process and that contain information on over 110,000 candidates.

In view of the domestic economic changes of the last 25 years, as well as the characteristics of certain sectors, we are fully prepared for any number of labour market challenges. It is vital for us that our partners perceive our cooperation in terms of quality, satisfaction and results. Our selection process is completely transparent to our clients, who themselves decide exactly how they wish to participate in the selection process. We provide feedback to our candidates whatever the outcome of their interview, so they will consider their experience with us as providing some form of professional development.

Tímea Bíró


Tímea has 25 years of experience in executive search. In addition to this, her position as CEO means that she is very familiar with the approach, skills and goals of company owners and senior managers. Her wide and extensive knowledge comes from having experienced the significant changes of the Hungarian recruitment sector. Thanks to this, she has sourced suitable candidates for the financial, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, HR, IT and sales areas. As a consultant, she actively participated in the organizational re-structuring of multinational companies as well as the human resource planning of greenfield investments and start-up companies that contributed to establishing her long-term strategic contacts. She received her MBA degree in 1998 at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland in International Management and in the same year established Focus Consulting with Kristina Walker.

András Benics


„It's not enough to be good, I believe in excellence!"
Openness. This philosophy guides me both in my personal life and in my work. Few would think that even with a degree in technical manager and engineering teacher - which I obtained at the Budapest University of Technology - I can be a real human character, even though I have been focusing on people every day in the Focus Consulting team since 2008. I’ve been coordinating searches initially as a market researcher, currently as a consultant.
Being good is not enough, I believe in excellence! This is what I expect from candidates and this is what I try to offer to our clients. I am also open to other areas of the profession, so in addition to recruitment consulting projects, I also take part in the operation of the staff leasing business. Of course, we have a balance between work and private life, and in my free time I can indulge in my two great passions: cinema and travel.

Tamás Simon


"For me, Focus is the focus and I'm sure it will be like this for a long time."
As an economist specializing in HR, it was obvious around my college years that I would search for job opportunity in this field. In my first job, I learned the basics of headhunting in a year and a half, and in the 15 years I have spent at Focus, I am trying to develop this knowledge to the highest possible level. According to the feedbacks, it was successful. The team and success are the biggest motivators for me, I try to solve new projects with the greatest possible effort and as quickly as possible. This is also one of the basic principles of our company. Although we are not specialised, I am closest to financial/SSC/sales/production searches, but that doesn't mean I don't have success in any other area.

Judit Ivády


"Building a long-term, strategic partnership is like an exciting journey. It requires careful planning, persistent research and self-knowledge, but it's the spontaneity that gives it the flavour of adventure for a lifetime. It's what makes my job one of my favourite pastimes. I want all my clients to experience that feeling."
In my more than 20 years of active professional career, I have experienced many industries and specialties, managed young professionals and helped senior executives to move up.
I graduated in Psychology from the University of Debrecen in 2000 and have been working as a personnel consultant ever since. I joined the Focus Consulting team in 2001 as a market researcher. Between 2002 and 2005 I worked at Pacific Consulting, but the good working relationship and the family atmosphere lured me back to Focus, where I have been working with them since 2005 with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. Not only do they support me with professional advancement and new and exciting challenges, but they also allow me to pursue my hobbies: to improve my running, to develop in exciting areas of psychology such as family therapy, and even to make my travel dreams come true.

Edit Petrás

Külsős Üzletfejlesztési tanácsadó

"Focus Consulting has helped me to develop my career, so I know first-hand how good it is to work with them, both on the applicant and client side. It's no wonder I came back to them with many years of experience behind me. I can work with them, for them, for us, with all my heart and soul."
I started my career in personnel consulting and corporate recruitment in the 90's after graduating with an MA and BSC from ELTE and the College of Foreign Trade.
The millennium was also an important turning point for me professionally: in 2000, with the help of Focus, I made the transition to the corporate HR side at GE. Initially, I worked for GE Hungary and later as a Business Partner in Germany.
It was also at this time that I got in connection with Focus from client side, as I had asked the Focus Consulting team to help me build the first Customer Response Centre in Hungary. The assignment was successfully completed and later in my career I had several professional contacts with Focus Consulting, where I held various international regional HR leadership roles in the FMCG sector, and later in the pharma consulting sector at Colgate-Palmolive, IMS and IQVia.
In 2017 I decided to move on as an external consultant. It was easy for me because the Focus Consulting team was waiting for me with open arms and I was very happy to say yes to the cooperation. I have been supporting them ever since in business development, market presence and organisational development.

Éva Domján

Prémium Üzletág Vezető

After my internship at GE, I started my career at Focus Consulting after college. I graduated with an International Diploma in HR-Marketing from IBS. I then returned to the HR team at GE Capital (then Budapest Bank) as an employee. After 10 years as a Strategic HR Manager I was responsible for 381 people, with full HR responsibility. My main projects: Building up the credit point network, Branch opening project, Headcount rationalization at bank-wide level, Organizational restructuring in the branch network. After the sale of the bank and the birth of my children, I decided to return to the consulting side. In the last years my tasks were mainly related to strategic HR projects, interim project management, executive selection and business development.
During my years at GE, I have had the opportunity to work with the Focus Consulting team as a client, and the positive experience has helped me to contribute to the company's success as an external consultant.
My role is to build the Premium Division, expanding the range of Focus services, which has been professionally operating for 25 years, with interim management, overseas projects and a strong focus on executive selection. In addition, I will support the team with my experience in organisational development and further expansion of existing clients across all Focus Consulting services (Recruitment Consulting, Staff Leasing, RPO, SSCs set-up).
My approach is based on seeing my clients' companies as my own and finding the best solution for each client on an individual, company-specific basis. I believe, and my experience shows, that the basis for effective collaboration is transparency, open and honest communication, mutual commitment to goals and results, and seeing problems as tasks to be solved. In an article, one of my clients said of working together, "We always work together as if we were one company. Together, for a purpose."
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